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Repeat Medication Requests

Dear patients,

If you require repeat medication from the surgery, please make the request via email or a handwritten request. This helps to eliminate any potential errors caused by verbal pronunciation.

Thank you.




Over 65's flu vaccination update

We have been very busy since the launch of this years flu vaccination programme! Thank you to all patients who have attended and helped us maintain a safe environment during this busy period. Due to a national shortage in flu vaccinations, we are currently out of stock with regards to our over 65's supply. We are continually keeping in touch with our suppliers and are actively trying to source more stock. If you urgently require a vaccination, please contact local pharmacies as we are aware that some pharmacies do have limited stock. We will continue our efforts in refreshing our supplies and will update you as soon as we have made any progress with this.







Hastings & Rother Healthcare Merger Proposal Engagement


We would like to thank everybody who participated in our merger proposal engagement. Please click the document below to view the full summary.

Merger Engagement Summary 




Sexual health 


Please visit: Station Plaza Health Centre 1st Floor
Station Plaza
East Sussex
TN34 1BA

01424 464750 Patient Freephone Number: 0808 1681282






The winter is coming ! This might make it tricky to know when you or children should go to work /school. Please follow this advice to help make those decisions. Please be aware surgeries CAN NOT arrange testing in any way. Also, we cannot provide any letters for schools/nurseries/work to say you haven’t got COVID only a negative test is acceptable. 


Do contact us though as you would normally if you feel you or your child is unwell enough to need medical input.

 Flow chart








Our flu immunisation clinics are currently filling up very fast, this first phase of immunisations are strictly for patients over 65 or at high-risk. If you fall into this category, please contact us on 07867 504 259 to secure your appointment

Available dates:
Saturday 19th Sep - 8am-1pm
Monday 21st Sep - 5-7pm
Thursday 24th Sep - 5-7pm
Saturday 26th Sep - 8am-1pm
Monday 28th Sep - 5-7pm
Thursday 1st Oct - 5-7pm
Saturday 3rd Oct - 8am-1pm










Flu jab


(Further updates to follow)








 Staff Training

On Wednesday 19/08/2020 from 13:00, our clinicians will be attending a mandatory online training event. This means that we will have very limited clinical cover all afternoon. We will have a GP available to take care of any emergencies. Our normal schedule will continue on 20/08/2020. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.






 Cervical screening


Everything you need to know about cervical screening


Cervical screening, or the “smear test”, is a routine health check that identifies potentially harmful cells and changes on the cervix. Cervical screening is not a test for cancer but catching any changes early can reduce your risk of developing cervical cancer. Cervical cancer kills two women every day. Regular screenings can help reduce that number, which is why it’s so important you attend your screening when invited. 


Our nurses are trained to do all they can to put you at ease during your appointment and are on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have. However, whether you attend your screening or not, is ultimately your choice.







 Face masks

Dear patients,

As part of a national infection control scheme, we are kindly asking all patients attending appointments to wear a face-covering when entering the surgery.

If you forget to bring a face covering, please ask a member of our team who will be able to assist you.

Thank you.







 Engage consult








Hastings and Rother Healthcare Merger proposal:


Churchwood, Hastings Old Town and Warrior Square practices are proposing to come

together as Hastings and Rother Healthcare from January 2021.


These proposals will not result in any significant changes to the services our patients

receive and patients will still be seen at their original surgery and have access to the

same clinicians should they wish. 


Merging will introduce some important changes to improve patients’ experience and their

ability to access services.


Some of these improvements include:


. The ability to offer appointments for patients at other sites, should one be available

sooner (this means we maximise all of our daily appointment slots).


. Access to a wider range of clinicians – such as Clinical Pharmacists, Prescribers,

Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Paramedics, Mental Health Workers, Physiotherapists

and General Practitioners with specific interests, such as cardiology and diabetes.


. An advanced support function and upgraded telephone systems –  Investing in more

advanced call handling technology and robust online appointment booking, which will

result in better response times and a broader range of skilled support personnel to

manage patient queries.


Our overarching goal is to provide patients and staff with a more effective way of offering the

highest levels of healthcare by integrating our systems and providing access to a wider

range of services.




Can I still see my clinician at my registered practice?


Yes. Your current services will stay the same, however, you will be given more options to

take advantage of if you require specialist treatment or an earlier appointment.


Will I be expected to visit different surgeries after the merger?


You will not be expected to travel further than you are accustomed to.  However, if we have

an appropriate appointment sooner, you will be offered this as an option.


How would I contact the surgery?


Contacting your surgery will remain the same, any background changes will be seamless to



Will the surgeries still open on an evening?

Our extended hours’ services will remain the same, our main goal is to improve services for




Is there parking at the surgeries?


Churchwood Medical Practice has a private car park and plenty of on-road parking

Hastings Old Town Surgery has a paid public car park directly next to it, free parking is

available via a 10-minute walk.

Warrior Square Surgery has free on-road parking available around the square and in

Norman road.


Can I request to register at a new surgery if I am not happy with the merger?


If you are in a catchment area where there is more than one surgery, you are entitled to

make an application to that practice to register with them. If you need any assistance you

can contact the Clinical Commissioning Group on for a







Following on from our announcement about Guestling Surgery and a lot of enquiries about this, please see the statement from the Clinical Commissioning Group for East Sussex:

"As of 1 June 2020 NHS East Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have not received any enquiries from practices wishing to make an application to open a branch surgery in Guestling or the surrounding area.

Should any such applications be received, the CCG would assess them in accordance with established national guidance to ensure they meet NHS England standards.

Any further queries relating to this can be directed to the CCG Primary Care team by phone on 0300 131 4425"

▪️We can still dispense your medication up until 30th June but please ensure, if you are currently a dispensing patient at Guestling, you find a pharmacy of your choice and ask them to nominate you so they can dispense your medication after 30th June.







Changes affecting Guestling Surgery and arrangements for your care

It is with deep regret that I have to advise you that we have taken the very difficult decision to permanently close our branch surgery at Guestling. Despite the best efforts of the surgery to maintain a local presence, we will be without premises once our notice period expires on 30th June 2020 and therefore, the branch surgery will have to close.

Patients who use Guestling Surgery will remain registered with Hastings Old Town Surgery, and will be able to be seen and access services at the new premises at the Ice House, Rock-a-Nore Road, Hastings, TN34 3DW. This surgery has been recently redesigned, and refurbished and equipped with the needs of all patients firmly in mind. For those without their own transport, there are good public transport links from the Guestling area to the new surgery and, in line with the recent changes made for the Covid-19 pandemic, you will be able to make use of telephone appointments and video consultations.

If you currently use the pharmacy at the Guestling Surgery, there are a number of other pharmacies in the Hastings area, some of which offer delivery options and other additional services. You can find out about nearby pharmacies using the ‘Find a pharmacy’ option on the NHS website. Patients are encouraged to contact pharmacies directly to discuss their policy on deliveries as well as an understanding of exemptions and arrangements.

Should patients wish to seek to register with an alternative practice they should contact East Sussex CCG Primary Care team by phone on 0300 131 4425 or by email at who will be able to help.







Advice for parents





Prescriptions during COVID 19 measures 

“We are receiving an increase in requests for extra medication. Please note we will not be issuing larger than usual requests following NHS guidance that there is no need to stockpile medications. Patients stockpiling medications increases the risk of shortages for other patients”.





Essential appointments

To ensure the ongoing health of our community we are still doing smears, childhood immunisations and other essential medical issues. 
These will all be done at Churchwood medical practice in Hollington.  
Patients entering the building are strictly screened and only allowed in if they have an appt. A limit to the number inside at any one time is being adhered to and time for thorough cleaning after each patient.  
Please do call your usual practice to book in and if you aren’t sure whether something is essential eg blood test please call to check. 
Don’t put these things off as we don’t want us to defeat corona but fall ill from something else very preventable.





AN ESSENTIAL DIGEST of all the lines of HELP

available in HASTINGS during Covid 19:

Hastings Covid-19 Community Support Hotline
Do you or does someone you know need help? 
Residents of Hastings and St Leonards, or their friends, family or carers, can contact Hastings Borough Council on a special helpline: 01424 451019, open 9am – 5pm Monday –   Thursday, 9am – 4.30 pm Friday. More info and an online form for non-urgent enquiries is available here: 
Hastings Emergency Action Response Team
Visit the Hastings Heart website to ask for help with shopping, collecting   medications, posting mail, dog walking or other errands and support:
Hastings Foodbank
Hastings Foodbank and the other social action projects run by King’s Church are still open! If you are facing financial hardship and need to be referred to the foodbank, or if you’re pregnant and in need and would like to be referred to Baby Basics, please contact Hastings Borough Council’s Covid-19 response number. 
We are also fundraising at this time so that we can get food, toiletries, nappies and other essentials: 
Feeling isolated, anxious or lonely and need someone to talk to?
 CONNECT IN is HVA's Telephone Befriending Service.  If you know someone who would benefit from having someone to chat to, visit 
Hastings Relief Fund
Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to the Hastings Relief Fund so far. Many local residents have been supported by charities and community initiatives that have responded rapidly over the past few weeks, for example with food deliveries to the doorstep, or a friendly telephone call to someone who is isolated. You can find out more and donate to the Hastings Relief Fund here: 
Funding for charities and other community initiatives
Last week the Government announced additional funding for charities and other community initiatives, to enable them to continue to provide vital support to people affected by the coronavirus pandemic or to set up new services to support their vulnerable clients at this time. You can find out about the Government’s announcement, and other sources of funding,here: 
Care For the Carers
 Care for the Carers are still here for carers and working hard to keep   you connected with their services and one another. Their Carers Hub is   open virtually and as a carer, you can access information, advice and   guidance by contacting in the usual way, 10am-5pm Monday-Friday (except   Bank Holidays).  You can get in touch as follows:
  • Call us on: 01323 738390
  • Text: 07860 077300
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Message us on Facebook
  or visit for more information.
Beware of scams!
We are aware of a few reports of scams, with unscrupulous people trying to   take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic. Please be as vigilant as ever,   and if you have any concerns please contact the relevant organisation   directly, and follow the Police’s Action Fraud’s advice:
Coronavirus Advice
Our coronavirus resources news page has been updated with the latest information on keeping safe, supporting others and useful information for groups and organisations, including easy-read guidance on how to support those most likely to get poorly from coronavirus. 
Coronavirus Street Based Response 
Looking for street based support in your area? Sam Kinch and the Heart of Hastings team have been working to log street-based community support in Hastings and St Leonards. You can now view local support available across the town on Google Maps. Find out more here:
Groups & Organisations 
Is your group or organisation seeking new volunteers to support your current provision? Or are you looking for volunteers as part of new plans you are putting in place? If so, please let us know by emailing: or by call calling 01424 444010.
The latest information about Foodbanks in Hastings & St Leonards is available on our website:  
Wellbeing Support
There are a number of mental health support and wellbeing services available locally and nationally including Southdown, Hastings i-rock, Samaritans and more. Follow the link to our news page below for more information and contact details: 






 LIVI video doctors appointments 

As many of you are aware, an NHS mailout has reached many local homes promoting a new mobile App which allows patients to book video calls with a doctor during weekends and evenings.

However, it was incorrectly sent to Hastings homes, this service is currently only available in Eastbourne, Hailsham, Seaford & Bexhill at selected surgeries. 








Distance may make the heart grow fonder, but it certainly can make providing care to a loved one difficult. With the tips and resources found on this site,
you can ensure that your loved one is taken care of despite the distance.





Pharmacy Closure

We have been notified that Lloyds pharmacy in the High street, Hastings, will sadly be closing their doors on a permanent basis as of 31st December 2019.






Notice to all patients;

We have been successfully implementing our text messaging service to inform you about appointments, test results and other important information. This saves a lot of time and resources for both parties. However, many of our patients have either not given their consent to take part in this communication stream, or have not updated their mobile telephone number.


If you have not given us consent yet, it is very simple to do so, you can either telephone the surgery or you can visit the reception team and do it in person.  

Thank you.







Repeat prescriptions

Due to changes in our prescribing system at Hastings Old Town Surgery, our repeat prescription turnaround will be increased to 72 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) with immediate effect.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.



Appointment cancellations

We would like to inform all patients that due to an increase in last-minute appointment cancellations, any patients who cancel an appointment less than an hour before they are due to attend, will be issued a "Did not attend" letter.

In most cases, we are not able to re-book these appointment slots, which in effect, has a negative effect on other patients.

Thank you for your understanding.


Safe space

Click here to find out more 





Don't forget to sign up at reception so that you can access pharmacy services & medical content. (The appointment booking function is currently suspended due to our clinical triage system.)


See the source image



Patient survey  

Take part in our patient survey in order for us to continue making improvements to our service, please print and hand it into the surgery on your next visit.



We all go through low points at times in our lives and it is not unusual to experience symptoms such as stress, anxiety and depression. Health in Mind is a free NHS service for anyone in East Sussex experiencing these kinds of emotional or psychological difficulties.



Carer's break information can be found on the East Sussex  County Council website or by following the link: Carers directory  and follow the link for Adult Social Care.



Take The Friends & Family Test The NHS friends and family test (FFT) is an important opportunity for you to provide feedback on the care and treatment you receive and to improve services. As ever your feedback is extremely important to us so please follow this link and spend a couple of minutes helping us improve!



Facebook: 'Like and Follow' Hastings Old Town Surgery on Facebook. You will find updates every day on our clinics and clinicians and lots of useful information on health and welfare. Click here 


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